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Shopping for someone special but not sure what to gift them? Indulge them in a luxurious gift of choice with an Arjun Kilachand gift card. From birthdays to festivals, weddings to anniversaries, we’ve got you covered.


Wish to treat yourself with a luxurious, handcrafted Arjun Kilachand outfit but not sure what to purchase at the moment?

Take advantage of our limited time offer. Avail our gift cards at amazing discounts to gift a loved one or pamper yourself.


Terms & Conditions:
  1. This gift card entitles the registered user to purchase merchandise exclusively from our studio or from our website 
  2. This gift card cannot be redeemed for cash.
  3. Arjun Kilachand reserves the right to reject any gift card if it reasonably suspects that the gift card has been utilized or if the promo-code is invalid or if you are not the intended recipient.
  4. This gift card is valid upto 31st January, 2021. Neither the validity of gift cards shall be extended nor can new gift cards be issued against the expired/unused gift cards.
  5. Arjun Kilachand is not liable for delivery of Gift Card to an incorrect or non-existent email address and will be the  responsibility of the purchaser.
  6. This gift card is non-transferable and cannot, in part or in whole, be (i) redeemed for cash/gift vouchers/credit notes; (ii) refunded; or (iii) substituted. 
  7. If the invoice value is greater than the gift card value, the customer must pay the balance amount.
  8. The entire gift card value must be redeemed in one order. Any remaining balance on the gift card will not be carried forward for any subsequent purchase. 
  9. Arjun Kilachand shall not be held liable for any unauthorised and/or fraudulent purchases made using this gift card. Arjun Kilachand presumes that the person presenting the gift card is the actual and intended beneficiary of the gift voucher and shall not be required to verify whether the person presenting the gift card for redemption is the actual/intended beneficiary of the gift card. 
  10. The gift card can be redeemed only on full priced items. The gift card is not applicable for products on sale. 
  11. An additional charge of 2% for the processing fees will be applicable at checkout.