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We endeavour to dispatch all products ordered within 48 hours after the order has been ready. You will be given an indication of the expected production time when you place your order online. You need to sign a confirmation of receipt of the products when the products are collected and by doing so, you accept the responsibility for the products ordered from that moment on. If the recipient or collector is not the original purchaser, or in case of delivery of a gift, then you accept this signature as an evidence of delivery and fulfilment of your order.


We provide free shipping for domestic order. We charge a flat fee of Rs. 5000 on international orders.


There are no additional charges. The total payable amount indicated on the individual items


Production time may vary depending on the product purchased, but the tentative production time is 3-4 weeks. Delivery times may vary depending on the delivery location and services of our logistics partner. However we endeavour to deliver orders within 4 to 7 Business days (excludes public holidays) after the production time.


ARJUN KILACHAND endeavours but does not guarantee delivery of products in the stipulated time period as mentioned on the purchase of the product. In no manner can the contract be repudiated if ARJUN KILACHAND fails to deliver any one or more products in the stipulated time frame. However, if you fail to take the delivery of the goods, ARJUN KILACHAND may at its discretion charge you for additional shipping cost.