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We aim to ship your ordered products within 48 hours once they are ready. The estimated production time will be provided when you place your order online. Upon collection, a confirmation of receipt is required, indicating your responsibility for the products. In the case of a gift or if the collector isn't the original purchaser, their signature serves as proof of delivery and order fulfillment. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We provide free shipping for domestic order. We charge a flat fee of Rs. 5000 on international orders.


There will be no extra fees or additional charges. The total amount stated on the product is the ultimate payment to be made.


Our products are handmade or hand-embroidered, and our skilled artisans take around 4-5 weeks to craft your order with utmost care and precision. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we create your unique, high-quality items. Delivery times may vary depending on the delivery location and services of our logistics partner. However we endeavor to deliver orders within 4 to 7 Business days (excludes public holidays) after the production time.


ARJUN KILACHAND endeavors but does not guarantee delivery of products in the stipulated time period as mentioned on the purchase of the product. In no manner can the contract be repudiated if ARJUN KILACHAND fails to deliver any one or more products in the stipulated time frame. We understand unexpected delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances like pandemics or logistical issues. While we aim for timely deliveries, we appreciate your understanding in such cases. We offer pick-up services, and if not feasible, shipping can be arranged with extra charges. Thank you for your understanding and support.